Sunday, October 18, 2009

Vcr Into Dvd Good Book On Production; Little Behind On Modern Technology

Good Book on Production; Little behind on modern technology - vcr into dvd Videomaker Guide to Digital Video and DVD Production, Third Edition

I wanted a book to help my hobby videography skills. I decided, with the Videomaker Guide thanks go to his original assessment of the Amazon and the history of Videomaker Magazine.

I have lots of useful information in the book I began to use as lighting, audio filters and angle of shooting. I have already started to apply the information in the book in a music video and short film. So far, information has a plus, and I used the information to expand my knowledge of fans.

A less negative in the book was that some sections (back-to-back) suggests that the same message. Even if they were written with different examples, expressed the same points.

A significantly negative in the book that most software and technologies referred to around 3 + year delay. I thought of some chapters can be updated to reflect updated the future of DVD production and use video editing software programs. However, there were chapters updated. Luckily for me, most of my current knowledge of video editing Is today with software and hardware.

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