Sunday, October 18, 2009

Magnavox Dvd Recorder Vcr With Digital Tuner Why Did I Buy This?

why did i buy this? - magnavox dvd recorder vcr with digital tuner Magnavox ZV450MW8 DVD Recorder and VCR Combo with Digital Tuner

I wanted to update my Emerson (Funai) EWR20V4 VCR / DVD recorder, because the units is 4 years old and VHS will disappear in a few years, and LP, 8 Track and Sony VCR "Beta" is gone. I had no problem with Emerson, and Magnavox is the same manufacturer, I think it's a safe bet. Now that I have the Magnavox used for two months without any problems, I can say that it is buy a good unit. Wal-Mart for $ 179 - how to get it wrong? (With the exception of one lemon), I have an old TV and a digital tuner that does not buy a converter to receive the TV signal. I use this to watch the channels in the air with rabbit ears antenna. Then I accidentally left the time and could not use the discount card Gov't, I have $ 50 + for a converter anyway. The picture quality is very good or good. Well, the important things, recommended that the drive only to use! It is very high demands on the producers of the recording sessions. Moreover, once copied a movie or TV show ever cable CAM staff forced the unit to appoint the number of record / next segment. Always assume that thereRoom for another record. Before and after its completion, the menu will show an excerpt from -unused/non-titled-. Strangely, the people have called their customer service and they told me the same thing. This is the only real pain in the ass problem I encountered with this product. If not, and would be assigned an assessment based on the cost of 5 stars.

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