Friday, October 23, 2009

Dvd Recorders With Vcr Performs Mostly As Advertised

Performs Mostly As Advertised - dvd recorders with vcr DVD Recorder with Vcr

I have the DMR-EZ485V for several months, and displaced hundreds of recordings from VHS to DVD. This is good news.

If the device works, it works as I expected, but it seems more difficult to capture, what I want.

The real problem is the software that is in my opinion is the worst I have encountered. There is a lot to say, as I have all versions of Windows, including Windows Vista uses!

Every problem has a recording device, it seems to be interpreted as a breach of the protection against copying, and turned away. It has a "shoot the wounded design philosophy: Every problem that occurs is fatal. Not recover sufficiently, is not allowed, expulsion, and always turns itself off. You've got to 5 or 6 layers of menus to access options common option, but control is less used function keys. He ignored "modal" system screens for many functions. For example, if you finished recording a DVD, is just "OK recognized." play "will drive Select "or any other key.

My problem is that not recognize this now $ 280 deviceR & D transferred in the middle of a VHS tape to DVD and is now blocked the DVD. There is nothing to remove him, including the termination of the secret + CHANNELUP. Enter an endless cycle of reset after shutdown.

I expected problems with the DVD hardware, which is a little temperamental. I did not expect it so bad that the software operating the device which prevents. If you have a VHS \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026gt, DVD recorders, it would be wise to avoid buying that, despite the attractive price and the obvious characteristics.

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