Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Multisystem Vcr Dvd PAL Hi-Fi VCR And All-region DVD Player

PAL Hi-Fi VCR and all-region DVD player - multisystem vcr dvd Toshiba SD 37VSR - DVD/VCR combo

I bought this video on VHS PAL Hi-Fi audio play and is well suited for this purpose. The mechanism of the film is quiet, especially older VCR.

Although the YPbPr output includes only the DVD / CD player part of the plant can be used (VCR / TV tuner party can not). The VCR / TV tuner Party may use the SCART output. A composite video adapter scart and S-video is included in the price, S-video is not supported. Thus, the composite video output is the only one that can be used for the reproduction of HSV. (I had the computer to test whether the RGB SCART output, as VHS cassettes or not play.)

The adapter has a SCART input / output switch mode. If you are not a photo, make sure that this parameter is set correctly!

The device I got imprinted in a box with the DVD Region 5 logo wrapped. However, I was in a position of a region 2 DVD into the DVD drive, so I think that all regions DVD.

The AC power connector is a European plug, so one-to-European plug adapter needed to use NEMAin North America. According to the manual will be the power supply 110V to 240V and 50Hz. Faith, however, that work that I really, if you do at 60 Hz AC in the United States.

Note: The part of the drive recorder is recorded only with VHS tapes in PAL MESECAM. Not compatible with tapes in NTSC (Canada and Japan / US recoded for SDTV and analog VHS) tapes. This party does not support DVD playback in 480i / p DVD with a composite video or NTSC 480i / p YPbPr output. However, by not dispose of 576i / p, and the only change, 480i / p, when it starts playing, a 480i / p Disc, so it will not be able to see an image until you have a disk , insert a monitor when you use that are not 576i / p.

Anyone who claims to be able to read / view some file types CD / CD-ROM / CD-R / CD-RW discs, including CD-real audio, video, VCD, JPEG, DivX "files (AVI MPEG - 4 and MPEG -) 1 Audio Layer 3) and MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (MP3. I have not tried to use these skills.

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