Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dvd Recorder Vcr Combo With Tuner Magnavox ZV457MG9: A Decent Package

Magnavox ZV457MG9: A decent package - dvd recorder vcr combo with tuner Magnavox ZV457MG9 Dual Deck DVD/VCR Combo with Built-in Tuner, Black

I've had this product for a week, then it can not be blamed, reliability - only the design and function.

Overall, this is a good unit that does what they pretend to be at a reasonable price. Take time to learn to use this device, and some things are not intuitive, so be sure to sit down and read the instructions and do things.

This unit has a DVD recorder and video player - which is useful for transferring old videos to DVD. But if you have commercial VHS tapes that you can not copy the DVD (due to restrictions of copyright - if you try, it says that this program can be saved.) Copying VHS to DVD easy -- define the parameters and press a button and let go until he shows he is arrested or recognizes that it has reached the end of the tape recording.

The handling is a bit more difficult. If you want the names of the message title, you must use the remote as if it were text messages (eg, 1 three times to push the letter "C") obtained. In addition, the manual does not say thatBut if you do not RW discs, chapter markers are not added will be read by any other computer. (If the button during playback, move the brand to the next chapter). You can add chapter markers manually will be read by the machine, but when another DVD player reads the disc, only recognizes the chapters themselves - to be generated. In RW, the chapter markers, this manual. You can configure the frequency of self-chapter - I am 5 minutes.

I tested this machine with R + R, + RW and-RW and it works even advertised with them. Both + R & R worked with my two other DVD players. RW are not recognized by my age (2002) Sony DVD / VCR combo. The difference between + RW and-RW is that you do not go through the ordering process + RW discs, but a process called "Make Compatible editions" that you need in the place. I-discs and TDK and Sony has worked well. It Memorex discs I tried, because I had problems with the past. Apparently the rule is more compatible -R/-RWLich, that the newer versions. I found the difference to be in compliance if it was R (a) to burn or RW (rewritable).

It also has a digital tuner (standard definition), used as well or better than meets the Zenith digital box in front in terms of driving into the canal and keep a good image. You can pick up analog channels, but there are none in my area. It has a program guide on the screen that tells you the channel, signal strength, the program name and a description of the program. It is said that the duration of the program or any program that is the later. He has the ability to television shows on DVD (and VHS - other units will not let you do record) and you can set the timer record programming to your program.

In general, the remote control buttons are small and not very well thought out. I was also disappointed that the remote control a key to the aspect ratio did not change the TV, and it lacks a few basic buttons on other TV channels observed. Do not lose the remote - or is inwith 90% of the functions. Who has some interesting bells and whistles: There is a Commercial Skip button before to automatically use for DVD playback in 30 seconds. There is also a feature where you can tell the VCR to a number of minutes ahead.
In addition, the device affects thinking, "" Piece by piece - if the disc switch between channels, load, etc., must wait. Ultimately, the work is done and waiting a little longer than expected. This is not a deal breaker, just a minor mode.

Overall, the device compares favorably with other out there, even those that are more expensive. I compared it with a Panasonic unit that costs about $ 300 and found that it had had more opportunities because the device was directed to use for the Panasonic DVD-RAM. This can be R or RW, but with limited editing capabilities. If you are in all DVD recorders, online, you will find the manual and read it, the [...] (carefully compare the functions with special attention to the functions available with the 'eACH certain kinds of discs.

In general, it is difficult to burn a DVD to VHS, so any DVD recorder will not be easy. This means little easier, but offers the most features of a unit group such as this must be a reasonable price.

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