Thursday, October 29, 2009

Vcr Dvd Hard Drive The Only One Of Its Kind To Date

The only one of its kind to date - vcr dvd hard drive Panasonic DMR-EH75VS DVD Recorder / VCR Combo with 80GB Hard Drive, HDMI, SD Card, and DV Input

He was taken to buy a DVD recorder, one came up with VHS, DVD and hard drive (HDD). This unit supplies last! It certainly has drawbacks, but this device is better than you, if you want to save on a hard drive, edit the advertisement, then transferred to DVD. The advantage of this method is that one can say that a record 2.5 hours in SP mode (2 hour mode), cut a half-hour show, then transferred to DVD. If you jump before burning to DVD editing a half-hour video, you must use a method of recording time and reduce it to video quality.

Some things can be improved:

- Consistency of self-chapter: If you copy directly to DVD, I have chapter stops within 5 minutes and 8 minutes. When copying the hard drive, there is neither rhyme nor reason. Why did you join this?

- The chapters are not preserved when you copy from the hard disk that can access various DVD recording modes: After copying to the hard disk, your own chapter ended. The chapter ends arand will be serviced if the video is copied to a DVD in High-speed mode (and) thus have the same quality setting. However, when recording on the disk, the XP mode on display and then copied to a DVD in a way that makes it fit on a disc (eg SP mode), the DVD without chapter! Must assert that allows me to create chapters. (The reason why this method is used to make a DVD, because they do not know how long the program without any advertising prior to processing. So you want to copy the hard drive available in high quality)

- Loss of sound in "shortening of an instrument": When a module for editing video, I noticed a slight drop in sound for a few seconds before and a few seconds after the publication of articles. He deleted the section break.

- Can a VHS tape or DVD copy on the hard disk and change your ads on the fly, I should be able to easily copy a VHS tape to play and burn to DVD and the pause button to the beginning and the end of a display to edit them out. My old Go Video VHS to DVD deckThis function is easy ... Why not a DVD player brand new $ 500 DVD can do that? Are you listening, Panasonic?

- TV Guide is built in DVR easy to navigate: To direct is to 3 days of the listings do not so simple. But for a digital video recorder without monthly fees, I can not complain too much here.

- Need to use both coaxial and RCA cables: Most of the combos coaxial connections, you can only use if you have an old TV. With this module, you need both, which makes no sense.

- The willingness of the distant poor: the function "and" Navigator "are too close to the steering wheel for video editing using the names and writing articles. The result often is that you press the wrong button by accident and leave the screen They have worked in

There were a few other basic functions you'd expect, but I can imagine no time for other problems. In general, it is actually a really good unit, probably the only of its kind ... I thought I would say that the drawBack to check that you can live with them before you buy.

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