Friday, October 30, 2009

Vcr And Dvd Player Fine Product , Reasonably Priced

Fine product , reasonably priced - vcr and dvd player Sony SLV-D380P DVD/VCR Tunerless Progressive Scan DVD/VHS Combo Player

So the DVR is uniform, it was decided to replace our broken VCR in the other. We have cable, and at first was very impressed with the quality and quiet impressed by this device. BUT ... when we tried to create a band to play the previously registered in another computer, we learned that Sony can not deal with tapes recorded on another video, followed, after recording in SLP, the fastest speed, consumes the least volume. So, our old movies unplayable, and the only way to save our old Panasonic to make it playable on the Sony record in SP, and learn, and 2 hours on a treadmill 120th It will cut anything. So forget about a movie or a baseball game.
A very bad in a very good team.

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