Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Vcr Dvd Combo With Digital Tuner Works Great For Me....

Works great for me.... - vcr dvd combo with digital tuner Panasonic DMR-EZ37VS DVD-Recorder/VCR Combo with ATSC Tuner Silver

I have purchased this product from Amazon.com and received by your ability to quickly free shipping. It is very easy to configure and spend about 1 hour to read the instructions, I was ready to try to save him.

I instered DVD + RW, and called on the form, the hard drive, which was only about 3 minutes. Then, of several programs on my network cable for recording. After my return, I checked and all programs were recorded and, if they were played very well. I have to be interpreted as 6 hours in EP mode, so that the use of 8 hours may result in EP mode in a poor sound quality.

Records are deleted after viewing the program and a new record deal. He did exactly what I programmed for, and these recordings were also very good.

I tested the video recording mode as well, and are very happy with the recordings.

Since I do not have cable or digital programming on air'm connected, I have only the analog tuner for recording.

The only drawback is that itNot with an HDMI output, but neither the TV when connected, so no big problem for me, but it may annoy those with HDMI on the TV.

A good value for money.

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