Friday, October 30, 2009

Dvd And Vcr Player No Tuner But Recording Is Possible

No Tuner But Recording is Possible - dvd and vcr player Philips DVP3340V DVD VCR Combo

I bought the Philips DPV3340V today. Certainly, no tuner, but in a few years analog tuners will be obsolete anyway. If you have cable or Dish / Direct TV, you can record input signals. There are instructions in the box, but you can add a channel and recording another to see, unless the cable for the video and placed on line) have no connection with the TV tuner (RF or composite.

This unit is a VHS recorder. You can copy DVD to VHS, but not move from VHS to DVD. (VHS to DVD, an expensive.) Is

I bought the unit mainly to play my old VHS tapes to record TV programs. Although there is no tuner or a cable connection (RF coaxial) on the back there are the RCA (composite) type connectors. (All the new TVs have this type of connection ports, red, white and yellow.) If you do not have the composite connections on your TV, you can simply connect the RF coaxial cable age, unable to connect a DVD with the TV anyway.

My cable box has both the old style RF coax and the new RCA composite connections. I have a splitterR and connected the composite red, white, yellow cable from my cable box to both my TV and VCR. I play DVDs, VHS tapes and can record TV programs on cassette. The decoder is the input.

You do not need to record the TV programs when you use the TV output to the recorder. It returns a link and I'm not sure why anyone would do this if you do not have cable or antenna. If so, then you must be your TV with your tuner and TV-OUT * composite jacks for video input. (All TVs have an "out" connector.) Unable to record digital VHS, you can create the first DVD, you use this drive to create the copy. The result of the cable box is used as an entry to this video.

The video is easy to configure, I did not even read the manual. It comes with a quick start. The video gives a good picture and sound. The DVD player has progressive scan if your TV is capable. If not, is always a good image. It also has component video connections for TVs with this capability. You can copy DVD on a VHS tape in one operation, if no protection against copying. The sound is stereo Hi-Fi. It plays WMA, MP3 and screens. JPG files on DVD. It is an S-Video, a main entrance, back entrance. There are a number of cables (red, white for sound and a separate yellow) for video. If the entry for entry you need to buy a second one.

It has a little way with lowercase letters. (The remote control with 2 AAA batteries.) If you can vision, but the hard to read. There is a parental control. It is not glow in the dark, a feature on my TV remote control. There are buttons to switch between DVD and VCR, but a work of several buttons in every position. (In short a Memorex and the controls had been very confusing, locking the door open and the rejection of DVD, when you press the DVD button.)

I've had a couple of hours, but so far I am satisified. My old VCR died and I decided to replace the DVD player and with a single device. The zoom on my old DVD player on the screen if they do not enlarge. This unit Enlargeand disappears on the display. I did not grow as large screen to fill the screen.

I can not speak for long life, but it is my recording session. The quality seems to be a problem with the VCR. I had Pioneer, Sony, Zenith, JVC, Memorex. Everyone went belly up. It is cheaper to buy a new one for repairs.

I hope that they continue to do so. I would not buy these films again. I have a lot of movies today, but I have been for some time on the road and have lots of VHS movies, enjoy too. He saw two today on my new Philips DVP3340V :-)

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