Friday, October 30, 2009

Dvd Recorder Vcr Combos Great For Converting VHS To DVD

Great For Converting VHS to DVD - dvd recorder vcr combos Samsung DVD-VR375 1080p Up-Converting VHS Combo DVD Recorder

I am far from an expert in electronics, and I was looking for a way to convert many of my VHS tapes to DVD. I decided to take advantage of this machine at a reasonable price, and I'm glad I did. Insert a section in the DVD-R, VHS tape, which have to copy the tape tray and follow the instructions, you have a copy on DVD! A tip - If your VHS copy, and put the game starts automatically begins exploration. Leave it to the end, it should also play the oldest of his films perfectly. If you interrupt the automatic tracking by before STOP or fast forward or rewind, and then try to automatically correct track, the results are not so good. I can not speak for many advanced features in the machine, but I can simply say my purposes, it works very well.

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