Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dvd Recorder And Vcr Combo With Digital Tuner Image Quality Downright Poor, Sorry To Report

Image quality downright poor, sorry to report - dvd recorder and vcr combo with digital tuner LG RC897T Multi-Format DVD Recorder and VCR Combo with Digital Tuner

As a satisfied owner of an LG HDTV I purchased this DVD recorder / VCR that we hoped it would also with the quality of images produced by a different product from LG to be satisfied. Unfortunately, I had to field and return the same day I got it. The problem with the product, which I had not expected, but also very specific to the reading turns out to be a known problem with LG DVD burner. The question is, what message various limitations and bloggers call "the image on the prosecution." Translate this as "too anti-aliasing (smoothing of the image) or" too vague ". It was not only the pictures taken. The time to is the internal TV tuner recorder LG internal tuner to change to a layer immediately "smoothing" enough to show that a distraction. ... I mean, depending on the degree of sensitivity to these things, a headache-inducing potential level of imprecision.

If you buy this product in the hope they archive your home videos to use in any way can be fairly done. If you as Down And DirtyDVR to catch episodes of the plans to record more than once to see her again, not really servicable not. All this leads me back to a head-shaker of a question: What were people thinking LG? Nearly three hundred U.S. dollars, the quality of LG RC897T is a great disappointment.

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