Friday, October 30, 2009

Toshiba Vcr Dvd Recorder OK, But A Little Slow.

OK, but a little slow. - toshiba vcr dvd recorder Toshiba D-VR600 Tunerless 1080i Up-Converting DivX Certified DVD Recorder VCR Combo

This is my first computer with a DVD recorder and VCR in one unit. Although my collection of movies primarily on DVD, which sometimes even watching videos and songs have very few DVDs that are not on the DVD, I am always ready to continue. My drive old VHS tapes broke earlier this year and decided to buy a DVD recorder instead of another VHS player looking for. Had after reading several reports on DVD / VCR (mostly negative), I decided to take the risk of a newly released D-VR600 Toshiba to convert 1080i to Amazon had no comment. The review of the Toshiba D-VR600, a few months can only be divided into three parts.

The good, fantastic features! You can burn a DVD or a VCR or a copy from another source. You can also record from your camcorder via a port on the front of the device. Although no internal tuner that plugs directly into my Comcast box to the device. The device has an HDMI output with 720 or 1080th If you do not use HDMI, you can use component or composite cable (480 Resolution). It also has an external audio surround sound systems. The remote is well designed and glitters in the dark! So far, this unit plays and looks great on my TV screen LCD!

The bad, slowly. With all of the load, the device is very slow when directly using the remote control or press the buttons is on the device itself. Not replaced as soon as the Sony DVD player has (which only had a DVD player, not a DVD / VCR combo), but if you're ill, it will work. Another small complaint I have is that I have some of my DVD-R movies are not compatible with this device have met, but the same DVD-R plays on my Sony DVD player (and Playstation 2). But most of my DVD-R played well in this unit, but only a few steps. I could also be played back DTS audio device, but can not.

The ugly: For some reason, the plane stopped without reason, some recording sessions. I was very upset when she and the recordings for a pay-per-view boxing event ends. However, it was working properly when I recorded OTHER programs so that the verdict is not yet on this device because it was a few months. I'm curious to know if other owners of this device has problems with the registration had?

Overall, despite the low responsiveness'm always happy with the device after only a few months. If you only want a reliable DVD burner is possible to organize the search in other places, but the possibility, on the side of the VHS, the device is very good. Be patient with him!

UPDATE 7-23-08; Wow! I am surprised about the negative comments! Frankly, I also had problems dubbing old VHS tapes to DVD, you have essentially given up, but this option, the recording on DVD of TV signals have worked well. In general, I am still moderately satisfied with this product, but in the future, is likely to try to use another brand Toshiba. Do you have the Toshiba D-VR600 someone else? No! Try a different brand or something new and improved!

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