Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sylvania Dvd Recorder Vcr Super Value

Super Value - sylvania dvd recorder vcr Sylvania DVR90VE DVD Player/Recorder and Hi-Fi VCR Combo

This was one where I hoped for the best, but a little dubious of this may end up with this price. It turned out that I was very pleasantly surprised. Easy to use, with clear instructions, I was dubbing home videos to DVD 15-20 minutes outside the box. Just plug in and with the digital or HD cable involved. DVD picture quality in both playback and recording (dubbing video or television) images. VCR part makes them a good job. Copies and recordings that have used the DVD-R media works fine on 3 different DVD players in my house (each with a different brand at a different price at different times to buy), this support does not seem to be a difficulty . I must say that the quality I was much higher than expected for the money.

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