Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dvd And Vcr Recorders Much Better Than Panasonic DMR - ES46V

Much better than Panasonic DMR - ES46V - dvd and vcr recorders Sony RDR-VX535 DVD Recorder & VCR Combo Player with 1080p HDMI Upscaling and Bonus HDMI Cable

I had a Panasonic DVD / DVD recorder of almost two years with very few problems. The upscaling of standard DVD and DVD was torn ok with the HDMI cable and a standard-definition DVDs look a little, but overall it played DVD / VHS tapes in order.
However, the recording of VHS to DVD - What a nightmare! First, if you insert a DVD-R, the machine froze and it took several hours to finally remove the DVD after that, would not play DVD's - previously recorded trade, nothing. After several hours with customer service, I gave up. Just play VHS tapes - which has a DVD player is to love!
Then I saw that Costco sold Sony, which had almost the same properties, but also and above all wanted to be able to convert many old VHS tapes to DVD.
The Sony worked perfectly from the start, and I was on my way to convert about 60 VHS tapes to DVD. No problems with different types of DVD-RW DVD (+-)() were adopted. It will not burn DVD-RAM, but play with them. The function of the expansion of the scope of this Sony is much better tPanny, and so far it works very well.
However, since it is a tuner a cable box or satellite-TV programs have to include himself, but not disturb, I am not interested in television pictures.
Overall I am satisified.

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