Monday, October 19, 2009

Samsung Dvd Recorder & Vcr Best Copier

Best copier - samsung dvd recorder & vcr Samsung DVD-VR375/DVD-VR375A Tunerless DVD Recorder VHS Combo

I loved my DVD recorder when I came home and raised him up. I picked up VHS tapes to DVD without any problems. And the picture quality was very good (and I loved the HDMI cable set-up option)! But suddenly you can not see the picture on the VHS ... You can hear the sound but not. I called Samsung (I have not bought, was a guarantee on the machine ... unfortunately) and very pleasant. He has extended the warranty on my work included (it was still under warranty for parts) and sent me a package label refer to them as I do. He turned to me do not know in a few weeks? The picture is VHS stupid! I had not seen five minutes tape if the image is gone! I call again Samsung and they sent me a shipping label (I have not asked this time ... Top Customer Service Representatives, when I told them that the machine was back and in fact, I asked what I do!). I later send back by post, and three weeks. Once again the nonsense dies (was made by aVideo, this time). The DVD part of the machine is still working ok ... But if I have a DVD player, I would have bought one, and a much better price! I can not influence from Samsung now, but I say Buyer Beware! Do not trust Samsung products are of high quality and not wait to be with them when they die! Purchase a warranty for their products or buy another brand!

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