Monday, October 26, 2009

Toshiba Vcr Dvd Player This Unit Is The Pits

this unit is the pits - toshiba vcr dvd player Toshiba SD-V296 Tunerless DVD VCR Combo

There are so many things wrong with this device is unusable and I have to buy another brand. The video is the worst thing I have in 35 years.

Compounds is limited, as mentioned above criticism. In my case, the RCA is exactly what I can not connect to an older TV with an RF coaxial cable.

The timer recording is so complicated (in fact, everything is so complicated) and you can watch TV via a VCR, while the recording - what you made in the DVD mode. In other words, if you can set the timer, do not watch TV or checkpoints in VCR mode. You need to turn off the device to watch TV.

The sound level decreases depreciably * * from the noise of television, not only in playback of DVD / DVD format, but even if you immediately.

No self-do surveillance and control of the keys did nothing to resolve the image. The DVD playback sound is even lower and can not rid of these lines, the monitoring continues. I have not examined whether this also occurs in the bands for this player, or occurs only to a tape recording that I found on anotherER unit.

The key to open / close the remote does what it should do. He holds out the action / or cycles and forth between the open end. I must get out of bed and manually press OPEN / CLOSE on the unit itself

Moving to / selection menu is so primitive and con-intuitive. It takes forever. And the manual is completely useless.

The remote is too complicated and not very friendly. It is also cheap, because - there are several places where the plastic had to be division, and I a month ago.

Rewind is very slow.

I'm sure I forgot other issues really annoying. This device is almost as primitive as the VCR / DVD, if for the first time. I bought Toshiba sales SONYS've been dying in the year, but it seems that I must now seek other brands.

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