Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dvd Recorder Vhs Vcr One Touch Easy

One Touch Easy - dvd recorder vhs vcr Sony RDR-VX555 Tunerless DVD Recorder/VHS Combo Player

Let me say first that I take not approve of these emissions. I bought it for use as an easy way to transfer video / audio from VHS to DVD. I wanted to improve the storage of All My Movies parents' house. I remember when a simple DVD recorder / will cost about $ 700, so imagine my delight when I this a little over $ 200. It's almost too easy. Drop in a VHS tape of his own making, and a DVD (I use 4.7G blank DVD-R). Press the button. Bam. It begins the process of dub. Easy. And very good. After the copy, which is nearing completion, you must finalize the disc. A simpler, as on page 88 of the manual. Something like two or three options on the menu, and it does. Now be played on virtually any DVD player. My Mac recognizes the disc when you insert the DVD tray on my PowerMac G4. It appeared only on the desktop as a hard drive from Sony, or something. DVD Player in OS X file played well. However, editing to get it on your Mac, as I wanted it, you should use something like Toast (I havand Toast 7.0), drag the file over and toast the fact remains. She expects, however, the fact file archive toast Sony iMove me change it. Again. Very simple. The manual says that if the device will copy a signal from the source of another author, not from this source. (Either a DVD, VHS or dissemination of your cable / dish provider) Something to consider whether his plan to duplicate in order to copyrighted material. This is not the appropriate forum for the discussion of "self-Back-Up vs illegal copying (piracy AKA), but I felt the money, this unit what it says, can do it. And it does it well. Personally, I 'm biased in that I like Sony products. Please note that even taking into account this purchase.

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