Saturday, October 31, 2009

Panasonic Vcr Dvd Recorder Combo Good Recording Of OTA HD Signals, But Not Perfect

Good Recording of OTA HD Signals, But Not Perfect - panasonic vcr dvd recorder combo Panasonic DMR-EZ47V Up-Converting 1080p DVD-Recorder/VCR Combo with Built In Tuner

My setup: HD antenna directly into the coaxial cable input from Panasonic and HDMI, coaxial and component cable connected to the bottom of my LCD (LC37D62U Sharp is a panel with HDMI 1080p).

To generate the tuner device from Panasonic, but it is capable of receiving high definition signals, a full HD signal, but only 480p. If you trade for one unit as a complete HD tuner, this device is not for you, but if your TV is already all HD, then this camera offers nice features. Before we begin, I note that the unit "pass" Full-HD signal - that) my TV tuner from Panasonic in the "TV usage is" (on "TV / VCR 'choosing, TV a pass through the HD signal over the air to the Panasonic. Other descriptions of this device has me think it would be permeable through a 480p, but fortunately this is not the case.

Cool Feature # 1: HD recording TV programs air. This is one of the first of a new generation of DVD recorders that can record signals in high definition on a DVD (but only in the Lower 480p resolution). Despite the low resolution, the picture is very good, obviously not in full HD, but much better than analogue television. I picked up "Lost" and "House" and also show fairly good. While the device seems to be able to operate in all the major DVD formats, DVD-RAM offers certain advantages. Using a DVD-RAM, and an HDMI connection to a TV, the TV automatically switches to full screen the picture above. Setting the unit in its LP mode, 4 hours, I can record HD programs on a hard drive, and the sound is very good.

Cool Feature # 2: Chase play. After starting the recording program you may already you can watch the recorded program to complete the registration - skip past the advertising and so on, until they "catch up live" recording. It works only with DVD-RAM, but it's pretty awesome. In addition, you can use the DVD-RAM (according to the instructions of Panasonic) is re-recorded up to 100,000 times, so that it almost like a hard disk in the drive.

Cool Feature # 3: Disc Navigator. This allows you to seeall programs stored on a DVD on a screen - you can choose which registers the desired program. Fun! Stop it, have on video tapes for the program you signed up, I can not remember when ...

The video output is also good (although obviously much less impressive than the DVD) release. I can not on its ability to comment on the upscale to 1080p output, compared to other DVD players with similar function, but the prognosis is pretty darn good to me, do not feel "Jagged."

Complaint: Self-Configuration of the programs has lost one of my local HD channels, instead of setting a secondary station, which sends the same signal. Boring! It does not seem possible to manually select the channels that are tuned for the reader. I thought at Panasonic about this call, but not yet had occasion to it. Furthermore, the longtime top-ISH (eg, 15 seconds). Sometimes the output of the DVD seems a little cleaner, but it can be supported to adjust the settings on the TV. After switching off, which must be programmed to find the reco HomeSkills for.

Overall very satisfied with the performance rating system.

FYI, the first device I bought (from Amazon) arrived DOA, but it was nice to be back and I had a new unit, two days later. Even the return postage paid by the first unit. Nice!

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