Sunday, November 1, 2009

Toshiba Vcr Dvd Exactly As Advertised

Exactly as advertised - toshiba vcr dvd Toshiba SD-V392 DVD/VCR Combo , Silver

- I'm also afraid of Sony and Panasonic, after reading many negative comments, locally and had heard good things about Toshiba.
-The device is relatively easy to connect to the TV and satellite dish connected.
"The sound on the TV installed since the drive to improve.
"Everything works so far, recording, DVD player, etc., have not shown the special effects on DVD.
"The TV picture when playing a VHS tape or DVD is good.

"The only records video in the SP and SLP, LP NO () 4 hours to tape the introduction, this is the setup most people use and effective, why all the manufacturers drop? The new drives are not included in the Panasonic LP which also
only the use of SP and SLP.
"Most internal parts are made of plastic, my Panasonic 1995 Old weighs at least five times more than the new Toshiba, as the largest unit is the most internal parts made of metal.
The vendor said that the new VCR with at least 30% return in the first three months because of broken plastic parts.

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