Sunday, November 1, 2009

Samsung Vcr Dvd Dvd - Vcr Combo Test

dvd - vcr combo test - samsung vcr dvd Samsung DVD-V2000 DVD-VCR Combo

I bought this device is about six months. My writer was in the final phase, I wanted a DVD player and a limited space. Thus, a combo box, VCR / DVD was perfect for me.

Basically, I am satisfied.

Some advantages:
- About the same size as a video recorder (a bit smaller than my old tape recorder, really), so do not take it much space.
- The video and DVD player are separate tuner, so you can start watching a DVD while another one.
- Both the video and DVD have the usual assortment of features such as slow motion, research, etc.
- The video is an easy to use, which can shuttle you to view-7x / 21x Video (PE), -5x/15x, -3x/9x (normal), 2 x 3 x/9x, 5 x / 15x 7 x/21x. (I wish they had done the same for the DVD)
- Options DVD other than the pursuit of speed (see cons below) are easy to use and practice.

Some disadvantages:
- Control of video and DVD, you need different keys on the remote control. I wish there was better integration together, so that the same keys that are used for the same options.
- The search in the DVD speed requires that the press and the hoAP for a few seconds, the same buttons that are used for chapter advance / rewind. So if you slip a finger, is something blocking the infrared signal at this time or the batteries are low, then the device can be a change if you do not want children to be interpreted.
- The volume is muted when you are in the menus, or create a timer. I find it annoying, because sometimes I program the VCR while you are using another program like. I need to lose something to trade or to wait.
- The DVD palyer (as was already said) sometimes starts to skip. I think what happens after about 90 minutes to watch a DVD. But I've also found that solving the equipment off and on the issue. Since we (often not a whole film or watch two films less than 90 minutes), it was not a big problem for me.

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