Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dvd Vcr Combo Player I Had To Take Mine Back To Best Buy

I had to take mine back to Best Buy - dvd vcr combo player Toshiba SD-V295 Tunerless DVD VCR Combo Player

BestBuy has chosen this night - should think twice, because it was on the shelf, which has already been returned. It comes with a tuner, no cable or satellite box, you must be screwed.

My TV does not have RCA connectors, so that they RCA / coax converter. So far so good, but some damage that I can not understand is that I have the cables transition from a VCR OUT IN when I want something included, then again, if I see VCR OUT!

The DVD has folded, there is no real problem, image quality is good and the video recording quality is very good. The remote is a joke. You must press the key combination to work at things and was very confusing to learn. He hates to leave the DVD mode. You can not turn the DVD side and not on the VCR main ergo you are a developer or something, and suddenly you're in the mode of the DVD!

The other model BestBuy has the Sony SLV-D380P. From what I can say is just as bad, but with an additional $ 10 Sony brand!

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